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San Francisco, California – Philippine Consul General to San Francisco Marciano A. Paynor, Jr. hosted a send-off reception on 6 January 2011 for the officers of the San Francisco Police Department who will embark on a two-week mission to the Philippines as part of their Philippine Exchange Training Program (PET) with the Philippine National Police (PNP). The PET program, which was conceptualized by SFPD officers of Filipino ethnicity, is now on its 11th year. This year’s delegation, headed by Lt. Eric Quema, will join law enforcement officers from the PNP for a two-week training and education exchange program that includes symposiums, seminars, tactical skills training on crime scene investigation, officer safety and terrorism.


Consul General Paynor and the SFPD-PET program delegation

Consul General Paynor lauded the gains of the exchange program and thanked the SFPD officers for their efforts to foster camaraderie and professional ties with their counterparts from the PNP. As part of the program, PNP officers have also sent delegations to San Francisco to train with the SFPD.

Consul General Paynor receives an honorary membership certificate from President Glenn Syllvester of the Filipino American Law Enforcement Officers (FALEO) whose members also founded the SFPD-PET Program.