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(Consul General Paynor, (seated, 2L) and  to his left , California StateAssemblyman Guy Houston with other panelists of the PAPC Quarterly Kapihan)

The Philippine Consulate General participated in the Quarterly Kapihan of the Philippine American Press Club (PAPC) on Saturday, April 24, 2010 at the Intramuros Restaurant in South San Francisco, California.

Consul General Marciano A. Paynor, Jr., led a panel of speakers in the well-attended community forum to discuss and promote the Save Our Industries Act and the Overseas Absentee Voting before members of the Fil-Am media based in the Northern California and San Francisco Bay Area. 

Together with Ms. Josephine Romero, Department of Trade and Industry Commissioner for Northern California, Consul General Paynor called on the Fil-Am media and community to support the Save Our Industries Act or “SAVE Act” a bill that has been introduced in the US Senate and House of Representatives.

(Consul General Paynor, (seated, 2L) and  to his left , California StateAssemblyman Guy Houston with other panelists of the PAPC Quarterly Kapihan)

The SAVE Act (H.R. 3039 and S.3170) is a unique, innovative and win-win approach that would help revitalize  both the US textile and Philippine apparel industries, generating new sources of revenue and thousands of jobs in the two countries. Members of the Fil-Am Press Club who are also key leaders in the Filipino community immediately expressed their support and promised to call on the community at large to endorse the SAVE Act to their respective US Senate and Congressional leaders.

The main theme for the Quarterly Kapihan was “Power of the Ballot =People Power” focusing on the Filipino-American voters and their role in both the US and Philippine elections.

 In this regard and in line with the Consulate General’s efforts to “get out the vote” Consul General Paynor made a strong pitch for Filipino voters to participate in the OAV elections which began on April 10, 2010. Emphasizing the Consulate General’s Makialam (be aware) and Maki-alam (participate) campaign for the absentee voters in the Post’s area of jurisdiction, Consul General Paynor informed the audience that about 1,400 registered voters have submitted/mailed their respective ballots. He urged others not to wait for the last minute but to turn -in their ballots early.

 He also expressed appreciation to the publishers and editors of the Filipino newspapers in the Northern California who assisted in the Consulate General’s OAV information drive. Wide-circulation Filipino newspapers, including the Asian Journal, FilAm Star, Philippine Headlines and Philippine News printed the entire list of voters whose ballots were undelivered in the mail and eventually returned to the Consulate General.  Many voters have been able to claim their ballots and have subsequently cast their votes after seeing their names and getting the necessary information from these newspapers.

 Consul General Paynor and Consul Alfonso Ver also briefed the audience on the mechanics of the OAV process. Brochures and other information materials on the OAV were also distributed. Some PAPC members signified their intention to cover the OAV proceedings and counting of ballots on May 10, 2010.

 Another panelist, the Honorable Guy Houston, California State Assemblyman and former mayor of the City of Dublin, California, shared his insights on the importance of the Filipino-American community and their critical role in affecting the society and politics both in the U.S and the Philippines.

 Assemblyman Houston particularly noted and agreed with the Consul General’s earlier remark that the community should now focus tapping the potential and developing the power of the younger and succeeding generations of Filipino migrants who are now greatly impacting all aspects of the American society.

 The PAPC is led by Ms. Esther Chavez of the (Philippine Daily) office in San Francisco. Its membership includes media professionals and practitioners from ABS-CBN, Ang Panahon, Asian Journal, FilAm Star, Filipinas Magazine, Filipino Gazette, Filipino Guardian, Filipino-American Radio Network,, Manila Mail, Philippine Headlines, Philippine News, The Islander Channel 38-Comcast Hayward and Philippines Today.