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01/03/2011: Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco Commemorates 25th Anniversary of EDSA People's Power



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25 February 2011



San Francisco, California –  With simple but significant  activities, the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco celebrated together with community the 25th Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution of 1986 at events held at the Philippine  Consulate General last  Friday,   25 February 2011.

With the theme Tatak Edsa 25: Pilipino Ako. Ako ang Lakas ng Pagbabago the commemoration started with a Flag ceremony at the Consulate General grounds led by its officers, staff, and members of the community present.

Guest, community members join Philippine Consulate Officers and Staff at the Flag Ceremony held at the Philippine Consulate grounds to start the day’s commemoration of EDSA 25 People Power  Revolution

This was followed by the opening of a photo feature on EDSA  People Power 86 at the Philippine Center lobby and at the 5th Floor Social Hall.    Highlight of the photographic exhibit are some of the works of Kim Komenich who worked as a staff photographer and editor for the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Examiner.    He was awarded the 1987 Pulitzer Prize in Spot News Photography for photographs of the EDSA People Power Revolution he made while on assignment for the Examiner.

Mr.Komenich’s works are also featured at the Ayala Museum in Manila as part of the Museum’s activities for the commemoration of EDSA 25.  He   is  also set to have a show at the Exposure Gallery in San Francisco starting March  3, 2010 where he will also feature works on People Power Revolution.

Other photographic works were also feature at the Social Hall.   Apart from this personal photo collections were mounted  by members of the community who were part of the EDSA 86 people power movement in San Francisco.

Upper left and right photos show guests viewing the photos of Kim Komenich, Pulitzer prize-winning photographer of the EDSA 86 Revolution.  Lower left photo shows other photographs at the Social Hall on EDSA 86.  Lower right photo shows a collage of photos and other memorabilia from the personal collections of members of the Filipino American community on EDSA 86 in San Francisco.

A thanksgiving / commemorative mass followed concelebrated by three Filipino priests coming from different parishes in San Francisco namely Fr. Ed Dura, Fr. Arnold Villanueva and Fr. Elias Salomon.

A short program followed the mass during which the Message of the President was read by Deputy Consul General Wilfredo Santos.  A special guest, Mr. Verner Macaspac, then 8 years old and with his family at EDSA in 1986, shared his reflections, representing the thoughts and sentiments of the youth and the impact of EDSA on his life then and now. Mr. Macaspac is currently in San Francisco where he is about to finish his Master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies as a Rotary International scholar at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley.

Photo at left shows the mass being concelebrated by three parish priest from different Parishes in San Francisco. Middle and right photo shows some of members of the community during the commemorative program that followed the mass.  Middle photo show Verve Macaspac and other members of the youth. Photo at right shows  Atty. Rodel Rodis of US Pinoys for Good Governance, one of the speakers during the program.

Atty. Rodel Rodis, President of US Pinoys for Good Governance spoke on the fight for democracy and against the dictatorship in the Philippines that he and many others started in San Francisco starting soon after the declaration of Martial Law. He emphasized that his efforts together with the sacrifices of those others who fought the Marcos regime in the Philippines and all over the world all share in the victory that culminated in the EDSA People Power Revolution that ousted the dictatorship.

Left and middle photos show the dedication board for guest to write in.  Photo at right shows the commemorative stickers  distributed to the public during the whole day as part of the commemorative activities

A breakfast reception was held after the program during which a video documentary of on EDSA 86 was shown.     A  dedication panel for all to sign in their participation and message on the commemorative event was made, as well as souvenir EDSA 25 lapel stickers distributed to all the guest as well as visitors of the Consulate during the whole day.  END