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San Francisco - Philippine Consul General Marciano A. Paynor, Jr. met with San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee today at the City Hall to discuss a wide range of issues between Manila and the City of San Francisco. The meeting was attended by Deputy Consul General Wilfredo Santos and Commissioner Dennis Normandy of the San Francisco-Manila Sister City Committee. Also present were Chief of Protocol Charlotte Shultz and Director Mark Chandler of the Office of International Trade and Commerce.

Consul General Paynor, Jr. congratulated Mayor Lee for his accomplishment of being the first Asian American Chief Executive of the City and County of San Francisco and conveyed the full support of the Filipino American Community during his tenure. Mayor Lee was briefed on the California Academy of Science’s scheduled scientific expedition to the Philippines from 24 April to 10 June 2011 as well as the activities being organized by the Philippine Consulate General and the Bay Area Filipino American community to celebrate Philippine Month in June. Mayor Lee expressed appreciation for the contributions of Filipino Americans to the economic and social development of San Francisco and accepted the invitation of Consul General Paynor, Jr. to be the guest speaker at the Philippine Gala Night to be held at the San Francisco City Hall on June 12. END.