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15/03/2011: DFA sets up hotline numbers for those with kin in Japan

Following the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the tsunami that hit the northeastern part of Japan on Friday, March 11, 2011, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo, Japan have set up hotline numbers and  e-mail addresses for those who wish to inquire about the condition of family members who may have been affected.

The Philippine Embassy in Tokyo can be reached by email or through the following phone numbers:

  • +(813) 5562- 1573
  • +(813) 5562- 1574
  • +(813) 5562-1570
  • +(813) 5562- 1577
  • +(813) 5562-1590

The Philippine Consulates in Japan may also be contacted through the following numbers:

  • Philippine Consulate General in Osaka +(816) 6910-7881
  • Philippine Honorary Consulate in Sapporo +(8111) 614-8090
  • Philippine Honorary Consulate in Morioka +(8119) 626-9139
  • Philippine Honorary Consulate General in Nagoya +(8152) 584-5698
  • Philippine Honorary Consulate General in Naha +(8198) 892-5486

As telephone services may have been affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami, inquiries may also be directed to the Crisis Management Center at DFA-Manila, with contact numbers:  +(632) 834-4646 and +(632) 834-4580 or email address

The DFA estimates that there are 305,972 Filipino nationals throughout Japan.  Earlier, the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo reported that 30 Filipinos who were trapped in Fukushima and Sendai are safe.  The Embassy sent a team to Sendai last March 13 to attend to Filipinos in the area.  A follow-up team departs on March 15, to bring relief goods such as food and water.  The Embassy is working closely with the Philippine Honorary Consulates in Sapporo, Morioka and Nagoya, and coordinating with members of the Filipino community for initial reports of any injury or casualty.  END.