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10/07/2012: Press Release - Introducing the Harana Kings


Philippine Consulate General

447 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94108

SFPCG – 05 July 2012



The Harana is the traditional way of courtship in the Philippines where the hopeful man serenades his beloved at the latter’s window. Sadly, this wonderful Filipino musical tradition is on the verge of disappearing from our culture. Now, through the efforts of filmmakers, Florante Aguilar, Fides Enriquez and Benito Bautista, this dying tradition is being brought back into life through a film that aims to unravel the significance and the beauty of Harana music.

Together with the filmmakers, the Philippine Consulate General hosted a press and public event on July 5, 2012 at the Philippine Center to promote the recently completed documentary film Harana. Musical nostalgia filled the air as the film’s leading participants, the Haranistas from the Philippines, serenaded the audience with traditional Filipino love songs. The audience was also treated to a sneak peek preview of the film.


Guitarist Florante Aguilar and the Haranistas

Harana is a film conceptualized by world music guitarist and Bay area Artist Florante Aguilar. Together with film producer Fides Enriquez, and Director Benito Bautista, they produced a documentary and travelogue in the Philippines that chronicled the search for haranistas and documented the Filipino tradition of Harana. In the search for haranistas, they discovered three men, Felipe Alonzo, Celestino Aniel and Romeo Bergunio – three people living simple lives - regular folks in the Philippines but who have kept the tradition alive and  who exemplify the definition of true Harana masters.

Due to the uniqueness of their music, the three master Haranistas were invited by Filipino American performer Apl de Ap  of the Black Eyed Peas to perform in a concert in Los Angeles called “Apl de Ap takes You to the Philippines – A Celebration of Global Filipino Music” at the Hollywood Bowl on July 8.   After Los Angeles, they will return to the Bay area for three more performances.

Guitarist Florante Aguilar and the haranistas serenaded the audience with traditional Filipino love songs.

The haranistas will be joined by Florante Aguilar to perform a number of tracks from the album and this will be the only time the Harana Kings will be performing live in the United States.  The concerts will also launch the release of their album “Introducing the Harana Kings” a result of the Harana documentary film.

The film, the album and the concerts are certainly great leaps forward in celebrating Philippine cultural heritage and elevating awareness for this great Filipino tradition of Harana.

For more information about the concerts in the Bay area, please visit END