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19/09/2012: NCCA Photo Essay Contest for Overseas Filipinos

The Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco invites Kababayans to join a photo essay contest in honor of overseas Filipinos with the theme “A Day in the Life of an Overseas Filipino: Stories of Excellence, Ingenuity, Patience, Hard Work and Success”.

The contest, which aims to raise awareness of overseas Filipinos and the general public on Philippine Diaspora through photography, is spearheaded by the Philippine Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCAA) as one of the members of the Inter-Agency Committee for the Month of Overseas Filipinos and International Migrants Day Celebration 2012 (December and December 18, respectively).

Participation is open to all Filipinos based overseas including migrant workers, immigrants, second and third generation Filipinos overseas and former Filipino citizens, ages 13 years old and above. All entries shall be submitted via email to Deadline for submission of entries will be on 15 October 2012.

For further information, entry forms and guidelines for the contest, please visit the NCCA website at"