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The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) announced that its Board of Foreign Service Examinations will be conducting the Qualifying Test for the 2013 Foreign Service Officer (FSO) Examination on 10 March 2013.

The Foreign Service Officer Examinations are held annually to recruit candidates for the Philippine Foreign Service, for appointment to the position of Foreign Service Officer, Class IV.

The duties of a Foreign Service Officer include, among others: representing the Philippines in various international fora; preparing foreign policy papers for the Department and other offices of government as may be required; assisting in the preparation and conduct of international conferences; working with other government agencies and private groups and individuals in promoting Philippine interests abroad; assisting Filipinos abroad and protecting their rights; promoting Philippine culture and trade; and performing consular functions.

Interested applicants must submit the duly accomplished form, together with all documentary requirements, in person at any Regional Consular Office or Philippine Embassy/Consulate abroad, or to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The deadline for submission of complete applications at Philippine Embassies/Consulates or Regional Consular Offices is 25 January 2013. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

To qualify as an applicant for the Foreign Service Examinations, a candidate must:

Be a natural-born Filipino citizen, or a dual citizen willing to renounce his/her allegiance to another country, prior to taking his/her oath of office;

  • Be not more than thirty-five (35) years of age on the day of 10 March 2013;
  • Be a graduate of a four-year bachelor’s degree course or higher educational attainment, on or before the due date of the submission of requirements (25 January 2013); and
  • Possess at least two years’ employment experience or have undertaken further studies after having graduated from a bachelor’s degree.

For more information on the examination, please visit Application forms may be downloaded from END