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On April 7, 2013 at the New People Cinema in San Francisco, two back to back screenings of  the documentary Film  Rescue in the Philippines : Refuge from the Holocaust were held marking the film’s world  premier.

The successful  free public  screenings   saw  the attendance of members of the Philippine Consulate General,   members of the Filipino American Community including surviving bay area based  Filipino veterans of World War II, as well as members of the  Jewish community  particularly  Philippine Jewish  refugee family members.

Left photo: Barbara Sasser. The Film’s senior consultant and granddaughter of Alex Frieder, one of the five Frieder brothers introduces the film.  Right photo : Ms. Sasser with Consul General Marciano A. Paynor, Jr.

Through a compilation of  interviews interwoven with pictures and footages, the one-hour  documentary film set with the background of a world consumed in world war,   chronicled  the  previously  untold story of how the five Frieder brothers, Cincinnati businessmen making two-for-a nickel cigars in pre-WWII Manila, together with Commonwealth President Manuel Quezon, US High Commissioner and former  Governor of Indiana Paul Mc Nutt, and Army Colonel Dwight Eisenhower  planned and helped 1200 German and Austrian Jews escape the Nazis entry to and refuge in the   Philippines.

In introducing the film, Barbara Sasser, the film’s Senior consultant and the granddaughter of Alex Frieder, one of the five brothers, reiterated the Jewish people’s deep appreciation to the Philippines.

Ms. Sasser, together with Mary Farquhar,  a WWII  young Jewish refugee who lived in Manila also  led the Question and Answer  that was held  after the screening.  During the Question and Answer portion, a Jewish refugee family member led the acknowledgement by the audience of the presence of Filipino War veterans and paid tribute to them for their contributions to preserving life and defending democracy and human rights during World War II.

Ms. Sasser announced that she is currently seeking to hold more US-wide screenings of the documentary in their desire to reach as much audience and appreciation as possible of this previously untold  story of this noble humanitarian effort.    END

Members of the Philippine Consulate General together with Filipino Community leader Rudy Asercion and Bay area based Filipino WWII veterans who attended the movie screening.