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The SF PCG booth at the International Spring Festival.

One of the many events during Cal Day at the University of California in Berkeley was the Spring Fest: The Edith Coliver Festival of Cultures (International Spring Festival).  Held on 12 April 2014 at the International House in Berkeley, the Philippine Consulate General once again participated in this celebration.  Guests at the Consulate’s booth were eager to learn about the country and its famous tourist locations.  Filipino American students were also kept up to date of programs and upcoming events sponsored by the Consulate and its Filipino Community partners.  Visitors also had a chance to sample native sweets that are well-loved by every Filipino.

Team SF PCG at the International Spring Festival at UC Berkeley.

The International Spring Festival is an annual event organized by the International House (I-House), an independent non-profit organization that also serves as a residential and cultural center for foreign students attending UC Berkeley.  The Spring Fest is one of the popular programs of I-House.  It aims to bring together the different cultures of the world in one extravaganza that is enjoyed by people of all ages and ethnicities.  Among the festival participants are the Consular Corps of San Francisco, foreign student organizations at Berkeley and businesses.

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