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TopPhoto : members of the audience attentively listen  as  the Ombudsman  (Lower left and Right Photos)  the Honorable ConchitaCarpioMorales delivers her remarks at the TalakayansaKonsulado :A Filipino Community Town Hall Meeting held at the Philippine Consulate General.

San Francisco, California: Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Moralesand members of her delegation met with members of the Filipino American community in the Bay Area last May 30 at the Philippine Consulate General.  The Ombudsman shared with the Filipino American community the initiatives being undertaken by her office in relation to its constitutional and statutory mandate to promote integrity and efficiency and high ethical standards in public service.

She also discussed various programs and projects aimed at building a broad-based strategic partnership of anti-corruption stakeholders. The event also provided the community with the opportunity to also share their thoughts and questions on anti-corruption efforts being undertaken by the Ombudsman.

During her visit, Ombudsman Morales met with officials from Federal and State agencies that deal with graft and corruption cases and government auditing, such as the US Attorney’s Office - Eastern District of California, California Attorney General’s Office, Federal Bureau of Investigation, California Bureau of State Audit, and California State Controller’s Office. They also had the opportunity meet California Magistrate Carolyn Delaney.

The Ombudsman and her delegation were briefed on relevant laws, procedures and other best practices in investigation and prosecution of public corruption and the conduct of performance and finance audits of federal, state and local agencies. The briefings provided the delegation with valuable insights that could further strengthen the Office of the Ombudsman’s efforts to combat graft and corruption in the Philippines.

(Top left and right Photos): OmbdusmanConchitaCarpioMoralesresponds to the various  questions raised by numerous  members of the Filipino American community. She was accompanied by the  Deputy Ombudsman   for Luzon and  the  Deputy Ombudsman for Mindanao. (Top Right photo) at the Question and Answer portion of the meeting.  (Lower left and right photos) The Ombudsman engages the   members of the community after the official program.