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Family and friends came together to pay their respects to the memory of Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino.  This commemorative event, hosted by the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco on 20 August 2014 at the Philippine Center Gallery, was held in time for the 31st Death Anniversary of Senator Aquino.

Left photo: Father Arnold Zamora is joined by the Singing Priests of Tagbilaran in the Eucharistic Celebration for the 31st Death Anniversary of Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino; right photo: Consul General and Mrs. Henry S. Bensurto, Jr. are joined by members of the  Aquino Family and other distinguished guests in the “Friends Meeting Friends” event.

The gathering, aptly called Friends Meeting Friends, Remembering Ninoy Aquino, began with a Eucharistic Celebration, with Father Arnold Zamora, Pastor at the Holy Name of Jesus Parish in San Francisco, as the Main Celebrant.  Father Zamora was joined by the Singing Priests of Tagbilaran, who later led the community in the singing of Bayan Ko at the end of the mass.

The evening proved to be a sentimental occasion as speakers reminisced on the events that transpired during Martial Law, as well as that fateful moment when Senator Aquino was shot.  Consul General Henry s. Bensurto, Jr., in his welcome remarks, described the difficulties that people encountered during that period, and stated that the people’s struggle was well worth it.

Left photo: Consul General Henry S. Bensurto, Jr. delivers his welcome remarks; right photo: Mr. Kim Komenich, special guest during the event, gave a brief presentation on Ninoy Aquino and the People Power Revolution.

Photojournalist and Pulitzer-prize winner Kim Komenich was also present at the get-together to share his experiences.  In tune with the event, Mr. Komenich also showed a ten-minute version of his film Revolution Revisited, which featured interviews with various individuals and key players during the People Power Revolution, the peaceful revolution that was sparked by the assassination of Ninoy Aquino.

The program concluded with another impressive musical performance by the Singing Priests of Tagbilaran.  END.