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08/04/2016: OVS-SF Bulletin No. 6 /2016


April 1, 2016

The Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco wishes to inform the public that, in connection with the Overseas Voting for the 2016 Philippine National Elections, it has been instructed by the Commission on Elections to mail out all ballots (POSTAL VOTING) to registered overseas voters under this Consulate General’s jurisdiction.

The Consulate General has already started mailing the ballot packets. Registered voters under this Consulate General's jurisdiction who wish to cast their votes IN PERSON at the Consulate General are requested to verify with the Consulate’s Special Ballot Reception and Custody Group (SBRCG) if their ballots have already been mailed out, and if not yet mailed out, inform the SBRCG of their intention to cast their vote in person. They may contact the SBRCG through:

Email    : vote(at)
Phone   : +1-415-4336666 ext. 888
Fax       : +1-415-4212641
Mail      :  Overseas Voting Section
Philippine Consulate General
447 Sutter St. 6th Floor  San Francisco, CA. 94108

If their ballot packets have already been mailed out, voters are advised to await their ballots and accomplish them accordingly. They may either mail back or personally deliver their accomplished ballots (using assigned special envelopes and paper seals) to the Consulate General.

Once the ballots have been mailed out by the SBRCG, voters will no longer be able to personally cast said ballots into the Vote Counting Machines as procedures for Postal Voting will be followed. As previously mentioned, they may personally deliver their ballots to the Consulate General.

All registered voters are requested to strictly follow the instructions enclosed in their mailing packets for accomplishing and mailing back their ballots.

For further queries, kindly contact the Consulate’s SBRCG.