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Photo caption: Consul General and Mrs. Marciano A. Paynor, Jr. lead the contingents of participants to the 17th Pistahan Parade and Festival in downtown San Francisco.

San Francisco, California –   Consul General Marciano A. Paynor, Jr. and Mrs. Teresita B. Paynor led the officers and staff of the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco in participating in the 17th Pistahan Parade and Festival held in downtown San Francisco on 14-15 August 2010.

 The event started with a grand parade on August 14 which ended up at the Yerba Buena Gardens site of  the welcome program and  the main Festival  that runs until the 15th.The main Festival site featured various “Pavilions “  or areas which focused on the Arts (Visual Arts exhibitions), Dance –featuring dances of participating groups from the folk to the cotemporary, the Culinary – Filipino Restaurants showcasing their products together and contests such as Adobo cook off and Balut eating contest. Health and Wellness – Community organizations providing information to address health care issues of the community in an approachable and culturally sensitive manner, Creativity - for kids of all ages to get a hands-on learning experience on Filipino arts & crafts and related activities, participate in traditional Filipino games and learn about Filipino folklore and folktales, and the Heritage pavilion – an exhibition of Philippine antiques, artificats and metrial art from  institutions and local collectors. 

 The event  was attended by thousands of participants and spectators and widely covered by both the Filipino American and mainstream media in Northern California.

 During the opening program, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom graced the occasion and thanked the Philippine Consulate General and the Bay Area Filipino American Community for their active partnership and support of the Pistahan Parade and Festival. He acknowledged the significant contributions of Filipino Americans to the growth and development of San Francisco, and the important role they play in the city’s vitality and the richness of its diverse and multicultural communities. He likewise commended the festival sponsors, volunteers and organizers including San Francisco Commissioners Al Perez, Hydra Mendoza and Dennis Normandy for their selfless efforts while handing out certificates of honor to former California Lt. Governor and Parade Grand Marshall Mona Pasquil and Consul General and Mrs. Paynor, Jr. who respectively served as


Photo caption: Consul General and Mrs.  Marciano Paynor, Jr. with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom at the Pistahan Parade and Festival



Hermano and Hermana Mayor of the festival.  He also paid tribute to the Filipino Veterans and their important role they played with the American forces in World War II.


The Philippine Consulate General’s active participation in Pistahan included a themed float in the parade, the setting up of booths on tourism, trade and consular services at the Yerba Buena Gardens during the weekend and the holding of the opening   round of a cooking competition called Kulinarya showdown.. Consulate personnel manned these booths on a rotation basis throughout the two-day festival.

Photo caption: Philippine Consulate Officers and Staff pose before their float at the Pistahan Festival 



During the parade held on Saturday, Consulate personnel attired in Filipiniana joined other participants and contingents along San Francisco’s Market Street in showcasing Filipino cultural heritage with a vast array of colorful floats and other displays of Filipino community pride. The theme of the Consulate’s parade and festival participation focused on the Culinary Arts and Heritage of the Philippines with the objective of educating the public, particularly the younger generation of Filipino Americans on the rich culinary heritage of their elders’ home country,  and to promote and heighten the awareness of the mainstream public of  Philippine cuisine and Philippine culinary ingredients, many  of  which are being distributed  and promoted by Philippine food exporters. .   This tied up with the motif of the Consulate’s float which is the thanksgiving festival PAHIYAS of Quezon Province. During the parade and in the booth, Consulate personnel distributed to the public free sample packets of Filipino food ingredients and other items such as  gourmet salt and flavored prawns of Xroads Philippine Seasalts, coconut sugar, high fibered wheat flour, and coconut flour of Azucar Organics and corn nuts snack food like Boy Bawang of BF Imports. They also handed out colorful information flyers on the festival which explained the theme and objective of the Consulate’s participation in Pistahan , and provided sample  recipes of traditional Philippine dishes .



In his remarks as Hermano Mayor, Consul General Paynor, Jr.  commended the organizers and participants of the festival for establishing Pistahan as a landmark showcase of Philippine culture and heritage and a spotlight event for Filipino talent, artistry and creativity.


“Since its inception 17 years ago, Pistahan has become an institution and one of the great annual events looked forward to by members of the Filipino American community and mainstream public. It is an event in which all of us in San Francisco and the Bay Area have come together as a community to share in the spirit of celebration, festivity and thanksgiving – the very essence of the word Pistahan,” he said.


“There is indeed much to celebrate and be thankful for as Filipinos. The recent election in the Philippines has given our country a revitalized opportunity and a welcome cause to move forward and continue nation-building under the new leadership of President Aquino. We should also be thankful for the gifts and blessings in our personal and professional lives, and our rich cultural heritage for which we as a people should all be proud, “ he added. END