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23/08/2010: New major exhibition by the University of San Francisco - Galleons And Globalization : California Mission Arts and The Pacific Rim

The Philippine Consulate General announces a new major exhibition by the University of San Francisco that presents art and artifacts linked to early Pacific Rim trade and the California Missions. The Exhibition called Galleons and Globalization : California Mission Arts and the Pacific Rim opens the University’s twelfth season in the newly renovated Thacher Gallery.   It runs from  August 20-December 19, 2010, with an Opening Reception on  Thursday, September 2, 3-5 p.m.


The Exhibition explores the lively commerce in iconography, materials, and ideas that shaped California’s rich mission arts. The exhibit presents more than 125 objects dating from the 17th and 18th century that exemplify the cultural interchange among missions in the Philippines, Macau, China, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Baja and Alta California.


The Acapulco-Manila Galleons plied the Pacific trade routes from 1565 to 1815, exchanging American silver for Asian porcelains, silks, spices, and luxury goods, providing a steady trans-Pacific trade in books, artworks, liturgical and practical objects, as well as foodstuffs. All point to complex exchanges of images and ideas. Seen together, these objects—some obscure treasures collected from sunken ships and others prized selections from international museums, California missions, and private  collections— lead to surprising cross-cultural discoveries.


Twelve California missions, the National Museum of the Philippines, the San Agustin Museum in Manila, the Hearst Anthropology Museum, the National and California State Parks Services, the California State Library, the Society of California Pioneers, several international universities, and private collectors in Macau, Japan, the Philippines and California are loaning treasures to the exhibit.


The Exhibition is also  complemented by an extensive display of early imprints from Japan, China, thePhilippines, Mexico, and Peru in the USF Donohue Rare Book Room and a scholarly conference, 

“  Legacies of the Book: Early Missionary Printing in Asia and the Americas” September 24-26, 2010. 


The exhibition  is free and open to the public during regular library hours. Library hours: (415) 422-2044. It is  located in the Gleeson Library/Geschke Center the Thacher Gallery  at USF.     For more on the exhibit please visit website : 


Everyone  is encouraged to visit  this important exhibition.