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The Russian-American Congress, in partnership with the Consulates of the Russian Federation and the Philippines, hosted the closing reception for the “Tiempo Russo Tubabao Island” Exhibit, held at the Russian Consulate on 17 November 2016.

The event closes the month-long celebrations in honor of the 65th anniversary of the exodus of Russian refugees from Tubabao Island to the United States, and the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations of the Philippines and Russia.

The Philippine Consulate hosted an Exhibit entitled “Tiempo Russo Tubabao Island” from 18 October to 11 November 2016 at the Kalayaan Hall, followed by the film showing of “Tubabao Odyssey”, which recounts the experiences of White Russians who were forced to leave Shangai in the late 1940s.  In partnership with the Philippine Embassy in Moscow, an exhibit was held in Russia as part of the celebrations.

The closing reception, attended mainly by the Russian-American Community, some of whom resided in Tubabao Island, were welcomed by Consul General Sergey V. Petrov.  The Consul General recounted the events leading up to the closing reception, emphasizing the profound shared history of the Philippines and Russia.

Consul General Henry S. Bensurto, Jr. quoted from the speech of President Elpidio Quirino’s 1949 Inaugural Address, when he said that the Philippines has “consistently followed the policy of establishing friendly contacts with every nation, convinced that in international relations, friendship, goodwill and the spirit of helpfulness are not only the most economic and lasting sources of power of influence but the surest guarantee of security and universal peace.”

In line with Post’s thrusts to “Spark* Connect* Empower” the Filipino-American Community, the Consulate’s engagement with the Russian Community serves to bring greater awareness to the open and generous nature of Filipinos, something that should be celebrated, shared and made a source of inspiration for the Filipino-American Community.  END

Consul General of the Russian Federation Sergey V. Petrov, Consul General of the Philippines Henry S. Bensurto, Jr., and Associate Regional Director of the Office of Foreign Missions, Mr. Matthew Davis toast to the shared history of the Philippines, Russia and the United States.

Mrs. Cecile Ascalon, Deputy Consul General Jaime Ramon Ascalon, Mrs. Olga Petrova, Consul General Bensurto, President of the Russian-American Congress Natalie Sabelnik, Consul General Petrov, Mrs. Mariza Bensurto and Deputy Consul General Andrei Varlamov at the closing reception of the 40th anniversary of Philippine-Russian relations.