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The Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco invites Kababayans to attend the 6th Free from Violence education and presentation fair to promote healthy families and safe homes.  Organized by the Alliance for Community Empowerment (ALLICE), in cooperation with the Seton Medical Center and Thomasians USA, the event will be held on October 1, Friday at 5:30-7pm at the Social Hall of the Municipal Services Building, 33 Arroyo Drive, South San Francisco.


Speakers include Hon. Jerry Hill, Member, CA State Assembly District 19; Hon. Mark Addiego, Mayor, South San Francisco; Nilda Valmores, Executive Director, My Sister’s House; and Alice Bulos, Honorary Chair, ALLICE.


Consul General Marciano A. Paynor is honored to lead the pledge to end domestic violence. 


“Domestic violence is no longer an issue that must be put aside as a private matter.  Its negative short- and long-term consequences on the partner, the children and the family necessitate the involvement of the community.  This is why the Consulate considers raising awareness on domestic violence one of its major advocacies.  I commend ALLICE for continuing in its endeavors to educate and empower our community on this issue and I encourage all our Kababayans to join ALLICE in the fight against domestic violence,” stated Consul General Paynor.


Admission is free.  For more information, contact the ALLICE Kumares and Kumpares at 650-878-4739.  END