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President Benigno S. Aquino III will visit San Francisco and San Jose from September 24 to 26 to seize opportunities to achieve the government’s priorities to attract investors, create jobs at home, alleviate poverty and modernize the country’s infrastructure. 


The President will fly on September 20 to New York where he will meet with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and deliver his remarks at the 65th United General Assembly (UNGA).  He will also meet with his counterparts in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the United States for the 2nd ASEAN-US Leaders Meeting, in which the Philippines serves as Country Coordinator. 


The $434-million Millennium Challenge Compact agreement between the Philippine government and the US Millennium Challenge Corp. (MCC) is also expected to be signed in New York.  This funding assistance will be channeled to the government’s programs on poverty reduction, revenue generation and infrastructure development.


In San Jose, President Aquino will meet with the CEO’s and key executives of major US corporations.


The President will also have a Roundtable discussion with Filipinos who have gained access in the US in the fields of science, technology and engineering and request them to help build the country.


At the Gala Dinner of the Philippine Development Forum (formerly known as the Ayala Foundation-USA) on September 25, President Aquino will deliver a keynote speech.  He will urge Filipinos in the US to demonstrate a new People Power that unleashes their spirit of volunteerism for the greater good of the Filipino nation.


The President’s visit to the US will culminate with a celebration of the mass with the members of the Filipino community on September 26 at the Basilica Parish Church of Mission Dolores at 3321 Sixth Street, San Francisco.


For more information on the mass with President Aquino, contact Cultural Officer Ms. Erlinda B. Sesante at 415-4336666 ext. 313 or END