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16/04/2019: Reminders on Postal Voting for 2019 Philippine National Elections

In connection with the 2019 Philippine National Elections, all registered voters are advised of the following:

  • If your address has changed since the time you registered for overseas voting (December 2016 to September 2018), kindly inform the Consulate through our contact forms on,, or Facebook of your new address;


  • When shading the ballot, choose/shade at most twelve (12) candidates for Senators, and one (1) for Party-list only. If you shade more than 12 candidates for Senator or more than 1 candidate for Party-list, the system will consider it as OVERVOTE and your votes for that particular category will not be counted;


  • Do not forget to legibly write your full name, and sign, on the return envelope. Unsigned envelopes will be considered INVALID, pursuant to COMELEC Rules and Regulations; and


  • When mailing the return envelope, please place on the envelope, as advised by the USPS, stamps worth at least USD 1.15.