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03/01/2020: Consular Outreach Missions and General Guidelines

Consular Outreach Missions in 2020

The Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco wishes to announce the conduct of Consular Outreach Missions in the following areas under its jurisdiction in the first quarter of 2020. The dates are indicative and subject to change. Updates will be announced in due course:


Indicative Dates

Tukwila, Washington

29 February – 01 March

Salt Lake City, Utah - Postponed

28-29 March

Boise, Idaho

25-26 April


Due to budgetary constraints, the Consulate is only able to conduct a limited number of consular outreach missions this year, with priority over areas under the Consulate’s jurisdiction which have a sizeable Filipino population and are of considerable distance from San Francisco.

The Consulate covers ten (10) states, namely, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Northern California, and Northern Nevada.

Thank you for your understanding.


General Guidelines

1. Beginning 2018, in order to streamline consular outreach operations and to ensure an efficient and comfortable process for everyone, ALL consular outreach missions are on appointment basis. The Consulate will provide a link where the public may register. Please be reminded that ONE ticket PER SERVICE policy will apply. Unless you have an appointment, we will not be able to accommodate you.

2. Location, time and venue and all other details pertaining to the consular outreach will be posted in the link that we will be opening on specific dates posted in our website.

3. Please come 30 minutes before your appointment schedule. This will cause less hassle for you. We will only accommodate you during your prescribed appointment period. Should you come in too early, you will have to wait for your appointed time. If you come late, then we will accommodate you at the end of all processing.

4. Fill out and complete all forms before you arrive. Save time and download the necessary forms you need prior to your visit. Please make sure that all applications are filled out and completed with the required signatures. You can access all consular forms by visiting our website:

5. Bring all required documents. Each service has its own set of documentary requirements. This could mean bringing original, certified true copies, and/or photocopies of each document. Please visit our website, to check exactly what you need to bring for the service that you need.

6. Bring the right amount of money. The Consulate only accepts postal money order, cashier’s check and cash. Personal checks, personal money orders, and credit cards will NOT be accepted. Applications will not be processed until the required fee is paid. Please note that all Consular services are subject to an expedite processing fee of USD 10.00 per Executive Order No. 906, s. 2010 dated 29 June 2010, and OFMS Memorandum No. 0033512 dated 05 November 2013.






Lost ePassport


Lost Green/Brown Passport


Travel Document


Dual Citizenship

With Minor (per child)



SPA, Certificate, Affidavits and



Civil Registry (Report of Marriage, Birth, or Death)











7. The proposed schedule is subject to change and/or cancellation as these are contingent on many factors such as availability of funds, weather, and other activities and events at the Consulate.

Thank you for your cooperation. We are pleased to be of service to you!