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01/09/2020: PUBLIC ADVISORY - Resumption of Consular Services

The Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco informs the public that the Consulate is fully operational to process applications for consular services pursuant to the instructions of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and new San Francisco City and County Guidelines.

For inquiries, the public may send e-mails to the following:


e-mail address

General Inquiries

Passport (Renewal, Extension of Validity, Travel Document)

Dual Citizenship


Civil Registration

Notarial Services

Emergency Consular Services


The public may also call / text the following numbers:


Phone number

General Inquiries (call only / office hours only)


Passport, Travel Document, Visa


Dual Citizenship, Civil Registration, Notarials


Emergency Consular Services



The public is encouraged to communicate via e-mail, in order for the Consulate to comprehensively address their concerns.


Application details for specific services are indicated as follows:

Passport Services

Those who have an urgent travel to the Philippines are advised of the following:

  • If their passport is still valid, they may wish to apply for the extension of their passport’s validity.  Passports with extended validity may be used for travel to the Philippines only, and for documentation and identification purposes.  Details may be accessed at this link:,phildet/

  • If their passport validity has expired or their passport is lost, they may apply for a Travel Document, which may be used for one-way direct travel to the Philippines and is valid for 30 calendar days.  Details may be accessed at this link:,phildet/

Those who have already applied for passport renewal may request to have their new passport mailed to them.  Details may be accessed at this link:

For further queries regarding passport concerns, the public may e-mail or call/text 415-269-2079.


Dual Citizenship

Those applying for dual citizenship are advised to email or call/text 415-269-2090 for their inquiries.


Visa application is only open for the following categories:

  • Foreign spouses of Filipino nationals;
  • Foreign minor children of Filipino nationals and foreign children with special needs, regardless of age, of Filipino nationals
  • Foreign parents of Filipino minor children and of Filipino children with special needs regardless of age

Foreigners under the above-cited categories must apply for a visa in order to enter the Philippines.  Details may be accessed at this link:,phildet/

Those applying for visas are advised to send their passport and other supporting documents by mail to:

Philippine Consulate General

Attn: Visa Section

447 Sutter Street

San Francisco, CA 94108

For further queries regarding visas, the public may e-mail or call/text 415-269-2079.


Notarization Services

Applicants who wish to apply for Notarial Services are advised to secure an Apostille Certification for their documents.  An Apostille is a certificate that authenticates the origin of a public document.  It is issued by a country that is party to the Apostille Convention and is to be used in another country which is also a party to the Convention.  The Apostille streamlines the process of authentication of documents.

As both the Republic of the Philippines and the United States of America are parties to the Apostille Convention, public documents issued by both countries are duly recognized in each other’s jurisdiction on the basis of the Apostille authenticating the origin of the document.

Please note that Apostilled document/s no longer need authentication by the Philippine Consulate General.  Once apostilled, the documents may already be used in the Philippines, and be given legal effect.

For the requirements, applicants are advised to visit the following websites:

























For further queries regarding notarial services, the public may e-mail or call/text 415-269-2090.


Civil Registry Applications

Those filing civil registry applications (Report of Birth, Report of Marriage, Report of Death, Consular Mortuary Certificate) are advised to mail in their applications to the Consulate.


For other queries regarding civil registry applications, the public may e-mail or call/text 415-269-2090.


Emergency Services

Those in need of emergency consular services (e.g. due to death in the family, medical emergencies, legal concerns) are advised to e-mail or call/text 415-748-9888.

The Consulate advises all Filipino-Americans in its jurisdiction to continuously follow state and local health directives, practice good hygiene, wear masks, practice social distancing and limit going outside except for essential activities.  Those who come into contact with confirmed cases of COVID-19 and/or experience symptoms are advised to get tested and self-quarantine for at least fourteen (14) days.